You can exchange or return the goods within 14 days after purchase. This right guarantees you the "Consumer Protection Law".

To use this feature, please make sure that:

goods, was not in use and has no signs of use: scratches, chips, rubs, software has not been subjected to changes, etc.
the goods are fully completed and the integrity of the package is not violated
all labels and factory markings are saved
If the goods do not work, the exchange or return of the goods is made only if there is a conclusion of the service center authorized by the manufacturer, that the operating conditions are not violated.

Where and how can I exchange or refund?
You can exchange or return the goods in our service department at:
Kyiv, st. Gnata Yura, 5, from Monday to Friday from 10-00 to 18-00, on Saturday - from 10-00 to 18-00. Phone: (044) 353-44-11

When you return the goods you need to have a passport with you. We will refund the money on the day of return of the goods or, in the absence of money in the cash desk, no later than 7 days.

If you do not live in Kiev, you can send the goods back using the delivery service. If the merchandise has its presentation and packaging, we will exchange it for you or return the money.

Exchange and return of goods of proper quality is carried out at the expense of the buyer within 14 days from the date of sale, subject to preservation of the presentation of the purchased equipment, packaging, and the availability of documents confirming the purchase.

In what cases is the guarantee not provided?
The service center may refuse warranty repairs if:

  • the safety of the warranty seals is broken
  • there are mechanical or other damages that arose as a result of intentional or reckless actions by the buyer or third parties
  • the rules of use set forth in the operational documents are violated
  • an unauthorized opening, repair or alteration of internal communications and components of the goods was made, the design or product diagrams were changed
  • incorrectly filled warranty card

Warranty obligations do not cover the following faults:

  • natural wear or depletion of the resource
  • accidental damage caused by the customer or damage caused by negligence or use (exposure to liquids, dust, ingress of foreign objects, etc.)
  • damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena)
  • damage caused by an emergency increase or a decrease in the voltage in the mains or by an improper connection to the mains
  • damage caused by defects in the system in which the product was used, or resulting from the connection and connection of the product to other products
  • damage caused by the use of the goods for other purposes or in violation of the rules of operation
  • software that is not included in the product package

Please note:
The list with the changes introduced in accordance with the Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1317 (1317-2003-p) of 20.08.2003, N 1642 (1642-2004-p) of December 13, 2004, N 1173 (1173-2005-p) of 07.12.2005

Supplement No. 3 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 19, 1994 No. 172

According to Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights". The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a list of goods of appropriate quality, which can not be exchanged or returned.

Such goods include:

Food, medicines and products, items of sanghygiene
Jewelry from precious metals, precious stones, precious stones of organogenic formation and semiprecious stones
Non-food products:
sewing and knitwear
photographic films, photographic plates, photographic paper
corsetry goods
perfumes and cosmetics
feather-down products
children's toys are soft
children's toys rubber inflatable
shaving apparatus
shaving aids
combs, scallops and massage brushes
mute (for wind musical instruments)
violin chin
tulledardine and lace canvases
carpet products, metric
bed sheets
aerosol products
printed editions
linear and laminated metal, tubular products, sawn timber, plinth (plinth, clypeus), plate materials (wood-fiber and chipboard plywood) and glass, cut or cut to size determined by the buyer (customer)
audio, video cassettes, discs for laser reading systems with recording
products from natural and artificial hair (wigs)
goods for babies (diapers, nipples, feeding bottles and the like)
tools for manicure, pedicure (scissors, nail files and the like)
(List with changes made in accordance with the Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1173 (1173-2005-п) of 07.12.2005. Pillows, mattress covers, bed-clothes, blankets, blankets, other bedding belong to the category "Sewing and knitwear".)